January 9, 2014

Style Story: Hong Kong Winter

While packing for my trip to Asia, I checked the weather forecast which informed me that it would be in the 60s. YES. Early Fall weather, my favorite!

What to bring? I decided on light layers, dresses & skirts. The heaviest item I brought was my North Face fleece since I needed something to wear in Chicago on the way to the airport. Too bad it still wasn't enough since I was frozen walking to the L, but thankfully the excitement of my new adventure helped me forget the cold.

Then I landed in Hong Kong in a t-shirt, cardigan and jeans. Slightly sweating. And the first thing my relatives asked was, "Aren't you COLD?!"

"Umm...I'm HOT!"

Then I realized that everyone around me were wearing down jackets and Uggs in 60-70 degree weather...and giving me weird looks for wearing only a cardigan. Yes, I'm an alien from a world where "cold" is below zero degrees and "freezing" is -50 degrees.

So this will explain why my Hong Kong "winter" outfit looks like it belongs in Chicago's early Fall lookbook.

One of the days I spent with my grandpa, we decided to explore the Wan Chai area by the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. Well, we got lost and stumbled upon this beautiful garden! He brought his camera along that day and took these pictures!
This is what exercise looks like for me. My grandpa thought this was funny.
This is what exercise should look like.
Golden Bauhinia Square
Top: Forever21 | Cardi: BlackHouseWhiteMarket | Skirt: Hive & Honey | Shoes: Old Navy | Bag: Asos | Earrings: Hello Beautiful
Thanks to my Grandpa for being my photographer!! Fun fact: he's my absolute favorite person in the whole world. He is the most intelligent man I know, a man of God, the most loving husband, father and grandfather and so creative. When I grow up, I want to be like him.

I hope you enjoyed this look and I pray everyone is staying warm & safe!! Is there a word that means more than freezing? Because that's how I feel when I'm outside.


  1. Aww, love your outfit, and love your relationship with your grandpa :)


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