January 7, 2014

Life Story: Here's to 2014!

I'm back from one of the most amazing vacations ever filled with adventures, relaxation & happiness. The amount of times I said my thanks and counted my blessings are too numerous to count on my fingers and toes. And just from 4 weeks!

One reason I'm thankful is for the chance to indulge my introverted half. I've realized I don't spend enough time thinking back & chewing on life's moments & lessons. Most times I swallow everything with one big gulp and suppress it. Can you feel a new year's resolution coming to mind? You got it.

Yes, I need to stop to take deep breaths after running a mile a minute through life. But more than that, I've realized that this past year had so many reasons to give thanks, yet I grumbled a lot about so many things. Most of them teeny tiny issues that I can't even remember. But it sucks out so much joy from my life when I choose to succumb to complaining. Instead, I want to focus on giving thanks & counting my blessings even when life is tough. I want to pray more often & read the Bible every day with a thirst so that I can learn more about His goodness & the joy He has to offer. The list can go on, but this is a boiled down version of my new year's resolutions.

One way I'm keeping myself accountable with finding joy & counting my blessings is by posting a picture on Instagram each day of January of something I am thankful for. Each post has the hashtag #31daysofthanks following. Below are the few posts so far. If you'd like to join me, just post your Instagram pictures with the hashtag #31daysofthanks.

What are some of your new year's resolutions?

May 2014 be filled with learning more about the most Perfect Love, finding joy & living out Love.


  1. Loved following your vacation on Instagram! It looked amazing! I tend to do the same thing as you and stopping to just take in the adventure is totally worth while!
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Kaitie! I enjoyed seeing your skiing pics too! The mountains are beautiful! I read your trip recap & I'm glad you all made it back in time for school!

  2. Glad to see that you are grateful for what you have! Not everyone gets to have a good time in the Middle East you know ;)


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