July 15, 2017


Life is like a large piece of patchwork. 

Artists who create patchwork carefully select pieces of cloth and thoughtfully sew them together to create their beautiful finished product. But the pieces they use may not seem like they fit together. With the artist's masterful work, they fit perfectly.

This is so similar to life. 

In life, there are many moments where I think, "God, why did You bring this moment into my life? This is not what I wanted." Or I've thought, "Why was this door opened for me? It's taking me in the wrong direction!"

However, as life goes on, I realize that God purposefully brought those moments in my life and led me in certain directions for His beautiful and sovereign plan for me. My desires are often different from His, but ultimately, His ways turn out better and make me a better and stronger version of myself.

Speaking of patchwork, I paired a fun patchwork top (complete with a bow!) with white denim pants. To add a pop of color, I'm carrying a bold red-orange tote and wearing my favorite floral heels. A beautiful  and simple summer look to piece together!


Top: Anthropologie (old) {Similar}
Pants: Anthropologie (old) {Similar}
Shoes: Seychelles (old) {Similar}
Hat: Forever21 (old) {Similar}
Sunnies: Anthropologie {Similar}

July 9, 2017


Grace in Style.

Many may question the name of my blog. Grace is not my name, but grace is the greatest gift that I have ever received and I want to share that with you through this space. My hope is to style my life with grace and with the love and joy it is accompanied by. 

As a broken human, I am far from perfect. But in my imperfection, that's where God's grace comes in. Jesus didn't die on the cross and defeat sin for the perfect, but for the imperfect. Through faith in Him and His sacrifice and love for us, we are set free from our sins and made perfect again. We don't have to do anything to earn grace (there's nothing we could do to earn grace), God has given it to us freely because He loves us.

But that's not the end of the story. As my favorite Bible verse reminds me:

"You were called to live in freedom. 
But do not use your freedom to satisfy your own desires; 
instead, serve one another humbly in love." 
-- Galatians 5:13

This is where my heart lies. As a receiver of grace, I hope to extend it often to others as well. It's not always easy, but it is what we are called to do. And it always brings a smile to my face and uplifts my soul to see others sharing grace. One of my favorite brands, 31Bits, does this so well with artisans in Uganda and Bali. 

You may already know about my affinity for this company. It is not easy being an artisan in developing countries especially when facing adversity. But 31Bits helps these men and women create sustainable jobs for themselves. They not only give a way for the artisans to provide for themselves and their families, but also share with them the eternal freedom and wealth they can have in God's grace.

This summer, 31Bits created the most beautiful handbag line and I am in love! I purchased the woven drum bag and paired it with simple metal 31Bits jewelry and a beautiful dress from SheIn. This entire look is perfect for summer wedding season or summer events.


Dress: c/o SheIn {Similar | Similar}
Bag: 31Bits
Necklace: 31Bits {Similar | Similar}

June 18, 2017


When I enter a room filled with strangers, I immediately shrink into wallflower mode. But when I'm surrounded by friends and family, you can find me in the limelight. Can anyone else relate?

If you can't relate, well maybe you have that personality that lures the wallflowers out of their shell and helps them feel a part of the group. I have always appreciated people with this gift & heart that sees the timid souls amongst the crowd. 

But sometimes you don't always have that personality in the crowd. So what can you do if you find yourself in that situation?

My favorite way to make a connection at a party or event is to wear a conversation starter! 

This can be a fun hair piece, funky statement jewelry, unique handbag, colorful clothing with wild prints or bold footwear. Or if you have multiple conversation starters, why not pair them together to be sure someone takes notice?

I'm loving this perfect rainbow skirt from SheIn that is sure to be a conversation starter! And it's only $27! I'll be wearing mine all summer long. It can be paired with bold colored tops of any color and patterned tops too.

Top: Loft {Similar}
Skirt: c/o SheIn {Similar | Similar}
Earrings: T&J Designs {Similar}

May 29, 2017


As Spring blooms, it is so lovely to see the once bare trees begin to bloom in color. It's a beautiful reminder of God's provision and promise to provide in our desert moments. Lately, I've felt drained and like there is nothing left to give. But I've been reminded that God provides in amazing ways in those moments of drought.

Music has always been there to lift my spirits throughout the highs and lows of life. After receiving a degree in music and stepped into the medical world, I was told that music would be pushed aside and I wouldn't get the chance to do much musically. Thankfully, God had a different plan for me. 

In the midst of the stressful moments of medical school and residency, there have been an overwhelming times of feeling emotionally, physically and mentally poured out. The undercurrent beat and tune to my life is slowed and depressing. However, in those moments, a musical opportunity opens up and brings a new upbeat rhythm and joyful melody to my life.

You can check out some of my recent music projects here if you are curious. There are more projects currently in the works that I cannot wait to share with you!

What is the one thing or the few things that bring(s) you joy in the tough moments of life?


Jumpsuit: Anthropologie {Similar}
Belt: Anthropologie {Similar}
Bag: Kate Spade {Similar}

May 21, 2017


Anyone else already wearing white denim before Memorial Day? Never a "rule" follower when it comes to fashion, I have been wearing white pants all year round. Are there any fashion rules you break too? As I always say, if it fits your style, keep breaking those silly "rules"!

In a world that is bombarded by social media, it's easy to get bogged down by people telling us what we should be doing in every moment of our lives. As a pediatrician, I hear my young patients telling me that they are "not enough" in their own various ways because of what their peers are saying on social media. Many times they admit to trying to do things just because they feel like they have to in order to fit in even if it's not who they are. I do my best to tell them that they are enough, they are beautiful, they are smart, they are loved, etc. But do any of us hear that enough?

So let me tell you.

YOU are enough. YOU are so loved. So BeYOUtiful.

Alright, I'll get off of my soapbox. Here's how I broke the fashion "rules" and I decided to also add in some denim mixing. Denim jackets are probably my favorite go-to item from Spring through Fall. And this one was less than $25 on sale! Actually, each piece here is under $50! I shared some similar pieces below at similar price points so check it out!

Top: Boohoo {Similar}
Jacket: Old Navy {Similar}
Jeans: Pilcro/Anthropologie {Similar}
Bag: Nanette Lepore {Similar}
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger {Similar}
Earrings: T&J Designs {Similar}
Ring: 31Bits
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