April 17, 2018


If you haven't been on my Instagram page lately (or if you aren't following me on Instagram), you may have missed out on the fun Loft pre-sale party we had over the weekend. But have no fear! The Loft Friends and Family sale is now happening online and in all Loft stores!

So what does this sale entail?

Tons of cute clothes for 40% OFF! Plus, some new arrivals are 50% OFF! Plus, card members get double points which is a definite win!

Their newest collection is amazing! It is filled with fun prints, colors and patterns! I am obsessed with all of it, so I had to share it with you here with my favorite finds that are must-haves for the upcoming seasons. You can shop for each item by clicking on the images! These are going to sell like hotcakes so be sure to shop ASAP! What are your favorite pieces?

April 7, 2018


Out with the old, in with the new.

That's what Spring cleaning feels like to me and to many others. I know that Spring cleaning is supposed to make you feel good. The "out with the old" part definitely helps reduce some stress since I can be a neat freak when it comes to organization. But sometimes the "in with the new" part can be anxiety-inducing. Especially if you feel like you have to break the bank to find new Spring pieces.

But that's not the case for your new Spring dresses. Well, it's not if you peruse through my list of adorable and affordable Spring dresses. They are all under $31! And many are incredibly versatile and unique! 

Click through and let me know which is your favorite! And definitely let me know if you ended up getting one from my list! We could be twinsies since many of these are in my shopping cart already!


April 2, 2018


Springtime has me dreaming of florals and I'm always for ruffle details. Chicago got a quick glimpse of Spring this weekend with Spring showers and 50 degree weather. When the sun peeked out, I grabbed my new favorite Spring frock to wear for a walk around the neighborhood! I've been waiting so long for Spring/Summer dress weather!

The dress is from Shein and it is the perfect transition piece from winter to Spring with its darker hues and longer sleeves. I'll be wearing this dress for weekend brunch, nights out, and vacation to warmer destinations. The best part is the price tag at $21!

What are you looking forward to this Spring? 

Dress: c/o Shein
Bag: 31Bits {Similar | Similar}
Necklace: 31Bits
Earrings: Ann Taylor (old) {Similar}
Heels: DSW (sold out) {Similar | Similar}

March 17, 2018


Life is like a bag full of surprises that have me exclaiming "Ooh la la!" Ok, maybe I don't say those exact words, but there are many events of life that surprise me.

If you were to ask me 10 years ago what I'd be doing in 10 years, there is no way I would have been able to guess most of what my current life looks like. 

For example, I thought I'd pursue music. Not the music that fills my current life, but strictly classical music. 

I saw myself living in the suburbs and never considered myself a city girl. But I love the city now and can't imagine settling in the suburbs. Mostly, I saw myself living in the predominantly white suburbs I grew up in and in a bubble. But that idea has no appeal to me now. I love the diversity of my neighborhood and the challenges and joys it brings.

This doesn't mean that I've stopped dreaming and pursuing those dreams. I've just been more willing to allow God to surprise me over the years as I have learned that His plans are better. When God shuts one door and leads me through a door I hadn't seen before, it may be daunting and/or exciting. But I know that this is His loving way to guide me toward His greater purpose for my life.

So let those "ooh la la" moments happen & embrace them!

Photography: Kaleena Thompson

Top: Loft {Similar | Similar}
Skirt: Loft {Similar | Similar}
Earrings: Loft

March 4, 2018


Winter may still be here for a little while, and I'm tired of hiding cute outfits under boring winter jackets. It's had me feeling like I'm hiding my light under a basket. It sounds cheesy, but when you put together an outfit that makes you feel like you're expressing who you are and your style, it's unfortunate to hide it most of the day. So that's where cute statement jackets come into the picture! 

Shein has the best collection of jackets to keep you warm. They are really cute, but they also won't break the bank! 

I'm obsessed with this cute peplum jacket. It gets multiple compliments with every wear! It comes in pink too and it's currently on sale for $28!

Jacket: c/o Shein
Top: Loft {Similar}
Jeans: Loft {Similar}
Shoes: Vans {Similar}
Purse: Kate Spade {Similar}

February 13, 2018


Cannot believe Valentine's Day 2018 is almost here. Where has time gone?

On Valentine's Day, I love dressing up in some of my favorite colors. And my favorite color combination just happens to be red and pink. There's something so joyful about the color mix.

I decided to mix a few of my favorite things, both old and new to create this fun Valentine's day look. If you're still looking for an outfit for your Valentine's celebrations, hopefully this will bring you some inspiration! It's definitely fun and flirty. And it makes me so happy!

Wishing you a Valentine's Day filled with love! Even if you don't have a valentine, let's use the holiday as a reminder to love one another, especially those difficult to love. I know I need that reminder daily!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Kaleena Thompson

Dress: Anthropologie (old) {Similar | Similar}
Bag: Kate Spade (old) {Similar | Similar}
Earrings: Ann Taylor (old) {Similar | Similar}

January 28, 2018


Did you know that pearls are created as a defense mechanism for mollusks?

Whenever a mollusk is faced with an irritant or parasite, their immune system builds pearl sacs which create the pearls we wear in jewelry or clothing. I just find that so fascinating and, well, beautiful. And it's such a great reminder of how beauty can exist even in our most trying moments.

Life may seem dreary and full of difficult times, but there is always something good. It may be hard to find in those dark moments, but the beauty is there. We may just have to look a bit harder for those pearls of goodness.

Pearls have been all the rage lately in fashion, mainly as an embellishment for clothing. They're found on anything from tops, to pants or skirts, to jackets, etc. I recently got this beautiful pearl sweater from SheIn and I must have received at least 10 compliments the first time I wore it. I can definitely see myself wearing this throughout winter and into spring!

Sweater: c/o SheIn
Pants: Loft {Similar}
Earrings: Loft
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