September 20, 2017


Sweater weather is quickly approaching! And I am excited to watch the colors around us change. Second to seeing flowers bloom everywhere, I love watching the trees paint the world with fiery reds, oranges and yellow.

Who else loves putting on a cozy sweater for those nights in or casual dinners? I found some cute and unique sweaters from SheIn that can take you from day to night. Some can even pass for those fancy dinners and events! The best part is that they are all under $30! Click through to browse and shop!








August 13, 2017


Happy National Prosecco Day!

Yes, there's a day for anything you can think of, but really I'm most excited to be taking over LOFT's Instastories today! 

Decked out in some of LOFT's latest products, I toured my beautiful city of Chicago & documented it all on their stories! And of course the other common theme, was prosecco.

Picking out which products I was going to wear was the toughest part. Everything is cute! And if you know me, you know that I wear LOFT always. From work, to dinner and to a night out - their clothes are so versatile! I also linked below the clothes & accessories I'm wearing in case you wanted to do some shopping! There's a huge sale now too, so grab them before it's over!

Top | Necklace


(Top sold out, but here are similar options: Similar | Similar) 

Watermelon Berry Prosecco Recipe
I promise this is the easiest drink recipe that is sure to impress your guests!

Watermelon juice (store bought or home made)
Berries (Strawberries, blueberries, etc.)
Chilled Prosecco (of your choice)

Fill an ice cube tray with watermelon juice so that each well is about 2/3s full.
Drop a mix of berries in each well until they are filled to the rim.
Place the ice cube tray in the freezer until completely frozen.
Carefully fill glasses with a few ice cubes.
Pour chilled prosecco over the ice cubes & enjoy!

Hope you had fun following my Instastories! But most of all, remember to BE KIND. Something I remind myself each day is to wear kindness, love and grace! This world needs a whole lot of all of the above. It's not always easy to remember. Trust me, I catch myself forgetting to show kindness to others too often. But every moment you remember to extend grace and kindness to others, it matters and it makes a bigger difference than you can imagine!

Cheers to the week ahead! You are loved!

August 11, 2017


Stop and smell the roses.

How often do we hear this saying? And how often do we heed its wisdom?

I will admit that it is one I tend to ignore. I get stuck in the "busyness" of life and keep my head down with work, my never-ending to-do lists and projects.

Another reason I don't always stop to smell the roses is that I often don't think that there are any roses around to enjoy. It's easy to get caught in the thorns of life and let them bog us down. But if we just looked around, there are always roses there within arms reach. 

With these mindsets, I miss out on so much of life. So lately, I've been trying to be better about taking a few hours of Sabbath, or rest, each week and putting away the to-do lists. Sabbath can look different depending on how you get rest. My favorite way of spending Sabbath is by spending quality time with friends and family, going to church and sharing a meal. Sometimes, I'm so exhausted that I take a nap. Another restful way to spend Sabbath is by listening to music with a good book. The list can go on.

In these moments, I actually get the chance to look around and soak in my surroundings. I notice the beauty of God's creation and the multitude of roses He leaves for us to enjoy. Life may have its thorns, but He gives us the hope of goodness and beauty.

So let's stop and smell the roses more often! Comment below if you have ideas for scheduling in time for rest and adhering to it!

Bag: 31Bits
Hat: Forever21 (old) {Similar | Similar}

August 2, 2017


Happy Wish List Wednesday!

I cannot believe how quickly summer is flying by! There are a couple of trends that I've loved this summer.

Tropical prints and gingham.

You may have seen my recent post in a gorgeous tropical print dress (PS. They restocked the dress! And it's going fast!) and most of my summer wear has been filled with tropical prints.

But I've also been decked in gingham. It's such a classic print and it can easily transition from Summer into Fall! So it's the best investment to make.

I've found some pretty pieces that are all under $30!








July 15, 2017


Life is like a large piece of patchwork. 

Artists who create patchwork carefully select pieces of cloth and thoughtfully sew them together to create their beautiful finished product. But the pieces they use may not seem like they fit together. With the artist's masterful work, they fit perfectly.

This is so similar to life. 

In life, there are many moments where I think, "God, why did You bring this moment into my life? This is not what I wanted." Or I've thought, "Why was this door opened for me? It's taking me in the wrong direction!"

However, as life goes on, I realize that God purposefully brought those moments in my life and led me in certain directions for His beautiful and sovereign plan for me. My desires are often different from His, but ultimately, His ways turn out better and make me a better and stronger version of myself.

Speaking of patchwork, I paired a fun patchwork top (complete with a bow!) with white denim pants. To add a pop of color, I'm carrying a bold red-orange tote and wearing my favorite floral heels. A beautiful  and simple summer look to piece together!


Top: Anthropologie (old) {Similar}
Pants: Anthropologie (old) {Similar}
Shoes: Seychelles (old) {Similar}
Hat: Forever21 (old) {Similar}
Sunnies: Anthropologie {Similar}

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