June 22, 2012

Travel Diary: Til we meet again, Hong Kong

I always hate leaving this place...2 weeks flew by so fast! Today was another family day with all the grandparents. Not much fooding, but dim sum today was delicious!! It's crazy how packed all the dim sum restaurants are every day of the week...I'm going to savor my last night here, so here's a quick photo summary:

(Clockwise): Steamed BBQ pork buns; ham sui gok (fried crescent dumplings); Pig hock with ginger vinegar and egg (A dish eaten by women after they have a baby because of the high calcium content)

(Clockwise): BBQ pork rice noodle rolls; Pig stomach with tofu skin and lettuce; chicken feet

(Clockwise): Chicken feet with spareribs and beef ball; pork and thousand-year-old egg congee; herbal tea with lotus seeds and an egg

DESSERT! (Clockwise): Mango mochi; the inside of the mochi (So yums!); Sweet potato and ginger sweet soup; Mango pudding :)

I hope you guys had fun drooling! :)

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