June 21, 2012

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Day 6

I am pooped. Got back to HK at 4:30am on a red eye and took a nap that was not long enough. I always regret taking red eyes...it messes up my entire day. But today was a fun-filled day since I got to spend quality time with friends and family!

LUNCH: Applegreen with Byron, Betsy & Jodi! It's always fun catching up with college friends! Undergrad seems like it was so long ago...anyway, this was an American restaurant and they had really good food.

We started off with apps, Asian Nachos and Cajun Fries in a Trash Can (loved the name & presentation); I got an orange sesame chicken salad. It was a half size, but so big for non-US standards!

Then we went to a cat cafe called "Ah Meow Cafe". Basically it's a "club" hidden away in an apartment complex where you eat amongst cats who lounge on your tables and chairs and leap across your food/drinks and possibly try to eat . This would definitely not exist in America...OSHA would be in hysterics. But there was a constant flow of cat-lovers filling the tables and other people's food looked pretty good. We opted for drinks and I got a cold hazelnut hot chocolate.

DINNER: My dad's birthday at Champagne House! It was a family dinner and yet another 10-course meal and their portions were huge. I'll let the pictures do the talking.
(clockwise): Duck, tofu, BBQ pork, roasted pork, "rubberbands" (jellyfish); chicken; fried rice; spring rolls with abalone and goose meat 

(Clockwise): Lobster with (ee-mein) noodles; Sea cucumbers, lettuce and mushrooms; clams, squid and veggies; shark fin soup

My cousin bought a black forest cake for my dad and my dad thought the peach cakes (a delicacy) on top were real, but it was just made out of sugar. Sob story.

*HIGHLIGHT* of my day...at dinner my grandma told everyone at the table she didn't recognize me (She just saw me literally a week ago) because I got FATTER. Leave it to asian families to break it to you bluntly. Can someone please find me a workout routine that involves eating? Muchas gracias.


  1. Yum! Everything looks really delicious, but what I really need to try is that cold hazelnut hot chocolate. Thank you for sharing this post, it looks like you got to eat some really great food.

  2. All of that food is making me hungry! It looks so delicious


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