June 15, 2012

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Day 5

Alright, I guess that white flag of surrender yesterday didn't mean anything...and I know some of you are disappointed by my non-fattiness. Really? 17 dim sum dishes and a 10-course meal isn't enough guys? Well, hopefully today will make up for yesterday's lackluster performance.

LUNCH: Myung Ga. We met up with my mom's old co-worker and her adorable 8-year-old son who developed a little crush on me hehe it was really cute.
(Clockwise): Galbi, Bibimbop and Sujeonggwa (Cold cinnamon tea...my first time trying it! It was yums!)

AFTERNOON TEA: Fairwood. We shopped around Causeway Bay and I just wanted some milk tea so we ate more. Yea, I could've just gotten tea, but there was food there so I just ate more...
(Clockwise): Honey BBQ chicken wing and sweet potatoes with milk tea, fish cake noodles and a mini hot dog.

DINNER: Champagne House. We celebrated Father's Day early since we won't be in HK to celebrate with my grandpa and I got to see my baby cousin for the second time :) She is THE cutest and acts like a mini me! She eats anything in front of her, loves to sleep, loves putting kiddie makeup on and has the same silly personality I had at her age...LOVE her!
(Clockwise): Chicken (again, presented so cleverly), duck, and the stuff from our soup (including black chicken...yes, it's actually a chicken with black skin and is supposedly really good for you)

(Clockwise): Steamed fish, veggies with dried scallops, Shrimp, and veggies with abalone and mushrooms

Delicious Chocolate Banana Father's Day cake, me & my mini-me making silly faces, & playing with her new makeup :0)

So, was today a success?? My tummy thinks I remain a fatty, so yes? And hopefully this post can tide you over for a few days while I'm away. I don't think I'll have internet on my little adventure, but I will be documenting the fooding and I'll share the pictures when I'm back :)

Until then!

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  1. "Yea, I could've just gotten tea, but there was food there so I just ate more..." This is so much Win Jo, No wonder we're friends :) Brandon and I tried to eat a low carb healthy dinner last night so we made grilled fish and vegetables... which was then ruined b/c he was still hungry after so we ate samosas and popcorn chicken and tea when we went out after... No wonder dieting creates obesity.


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