June 14, 2012

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Day 4

I'm about to EXPLODE!!! Waving my white flag in surrender. I may be a fatty, but no one can or should eat like this every day. No fitted clothes for me any time soon.

We went to the same place as yesterday for dim sum and my dad said, "Today I won't order so much"...so he ordered 17 instead of 19. Ugh. I could barely move after. We ate pretty much the same stuff so I won't post pictures of the food. To work off maybe one of the dishes, we went for a walk in the beautiful park right outside my grandparents' house and wandered into an area of the park that had architecture from the old days of China. It was so picturesque...I've always loved the elegance of it all!

There were ponds full of koi fish and turtles and the walking path on the lower right is for you to walk barefooted as a foot massage (ouch).

More architecture...isn't it gorgeous?

Some of the pretty flowers and more architecture

DINNER: My grandma's 10-course birthday dinner with the family at Paramount Banquet Hall
(Clockwise) I forgot to take a picture of the 5 Treasures dish (roasted pig, duck, chicken, bbq pork and jellyfish aka "rubberbands")...but I took a picture of our stereotypical Asian-ness...leaving one of each on the plate, ee-mein (fried egg noodles) with giant shrimp, and celery & chicken

(clockwise): Fried stuffed crab claws, Turbot fish, and chicken with sparrow nest soup 

(clockwise): Chicken (I couldn't stop laughing at their presentation...), abalone with lettuce and mushroom, and egg fried rice

(clockwise): DESSERTS! My favorite longevity buns (buns with lotus paste and egg yolk), the usual fruit, and sweet red bean soup

The amazing cake my cousin bought! The bottom is a wafer with a layer of chocolate and light spongy cake with mango cream. YUM.

I'm currently in a food comatose state...and carrying twin food babies...I'll probably end up with quadruplets by the end of this trip...oye. I don't even want to go home to my jeans. Thank goodness I thought to bring only elastic-wasted dresses and skirts. Perfect maternity clothing.

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