June 13, 2012

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Day 3

What a nice relaxing day :) I bought The Lucky One (I'm a sucker for chick flicks and chick reads...don't judge!), spent a few hours alone and read at Pacific Place, my favorite window-shopping mall (All huge designers in one building?! Fashion heaven!). I love the class of the place and especially love people watching there since mostly everyone there is so well dressed. I even saw a few famous Asian superstars. No clue who they were, but when you see paparazzi snapping a zillion pictures and young girls running after them to catch a glimpse, you just know...anyway onto the food!

BREAKFAST: Champage House. Went out for dim sum with my grandparents again in the area and my dad ordered 19 dishes...for 6 people...and somehow they gave us 21 dishes and the portions were a lot bigger than the other dim sum meals we've had...ohmygoodness. But thankfully dim sum is dirt cheap here :) It was $33 total!! Crazy right? Plus the green tea they had was DIVINE. I could drink that stuff nonstop.
Clockwise: Sweet gelatin with goji berries, ham siu gok (fried crescent dumplings), and pan fried pork and scallion buns

(clockwise): chicken feet on rice (Never seen it served with rice before!), vegetable dumpling, chicken and mushroom on rice, and fish balls

(clockwise): tofu skin rolls, some kind of bao (I forgot...it wasn't bbq pork), siu mai, and meat balls

Pretty fried wontons and a picture of the second half of our food...overwhelmed.

AFTERNOON TEA: We went to an info session for our trip to Malaysia (Oh, yes, I forgot to mention...we decided we're going to Malaysia for 5 days!) and the travel agency offered free afternoon tea! It was surprisingly delicious.
I chose the cheesecake and gelato with a side of fruit (including dragonfruit!) and milk tea

DINNER: Small Medium Large (SML) with Eugi!! :) :) :) So thankful we got to catch up after all these years!
(clockwise): Samosas with mango chutney, pad thai with chicken and shrimp, and beef short ribs (YUM)

My favorite part of the meal...DESSERT! Creme brulee served in a cute mason jar with shortbread and apple crumb with custard! I could eat these anytime...so delish!

Dinner today was the best meal I've had in HK so far! Thanks, Eugi! I will have to visit again so we can try another foodie place :) We were wishing all you Jersey folks could be here too!


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