June 12, 2012

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Day 2

Wheew...it is HOT. Still need to get used to that feeling like I've stepped into a hot shower every time I step outside. I could use some lemonade right now. I don't get how these kids can wear sweater vest uniforms to school in this weather. If I were them, I'd suffer the consequences and forget the sweater vest. Oh, and speaking of girls in school uniforms...we were just riding the elevator with the cutest 4-year old girl on her way home from school with her nanny and my dad was asking her questions. And she told us, "I want to be a doctor when I grow up!" Awww :) Melts my heart! AND she plays violin too! :)

Anyway, onto the food! We only ate out for dim sum, so I don't have too much to show today. But we did pick up some of my favorite tropical fruits today! Always the best part of being in Asia! We also bought tons of baking appliances and accessories for mad cheap. Be sure to look out for future baking posts this summer :)

DIM SUM: At Tao Square with the grandparents
(clockwise) Fried fish balls, hoisin Jook sun (bamboo sheath) bundle, and chiu chao dumplings 
(clockwise) Egg rolls with the smallest ham sui gok (fried crescent dumplings) I have ever seen,  winter melon soup with soup-filled dumpling, BBQ pork buns, and malay cake roll (SO good!)
SNACKAGE: Fresh fruit from a market

Malay Apple! My first experience :) They have a waxy outer texture and the inside is crunchy and tastes like starfruit! So yummy :) I hope I get to try more new things while I'm here!
MANGOSTEEN! My absolute favorite fruit :) These were smaller than usual, but still sweet and delicious. My Mama taught me how to figure out how many pieces of fruit are inside: You look at the bottoms and the number of exocarps (petal-like remnants) corresponds to the number of pieces inside. Very cool!
Rambutan! Super sweet fruit that tastes like longan. Mmm :)
Mini mangoes! "China Kidney Mangoes" to be exact. I don't think these are ripe yet, but they were still sweet around the very thin, flexible seed!
Hope you had fun drooling! I sure did ;-)

Hello Kitty find of the day:
Small gold Hello Kitty pendants that ranged from HK$2,220-$6,140...nope, my parents would not buy me one.

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