June 12, 2012

Travel Diary: Hong Kong Day 1

Hello from Hong Kong! :)

Here's my attempt to blog my eating adventures while in Asia! Let me explain before you start to judge me by the exorbitant amounts of food you'll see -- and I'm not even posting all the dishes we eat since I have to be super quick about snapping a picture before they get devoured. So I missed about half of the dishes. -- We eat out with one uncle and aunt a lot and they have taught me the art of eating over the years. Basically, they order more dishes than I think we can possibly eat, constantly pile food on my plate, and tell me I don't eat that much if I don't finish the food on my plate. And here I begin with the fattiness :)

DAY 1:
BREAKFAST: We went to Cafe de Coral just downstairs from my grandparents' house. I got Pork & thousand-year-old-egg Congee with "Intestine" Noodles (just rolled up noodles, but they look like intestines haha) and a milk tea. YUM.

LATE LUNCH: T-Pot Bistro for dim sum
(clockwise) Fried fish wonton, the very cute tea pots & coconut jelly

(clockwise) Chicken feet & peanuts, Shark fin soup, malay cake, and meatballs

(clockwise) Three kinds of BBQ pork buns, turnip cake, me with their cute teacups, chiu chao dumplings, and noodles

SNACKAGE: Egg waffles from a street vendor :)

DINNER: Victoria Harbor Restaurant
(clockwise) Roasted duck, steamed fish (forgot what kind), shrimp, and winter melon soup

Lobster with noodles (the noodles are always my favorite!) and yuen choy with heart of bamboo

The end of day 1...if this is what everyday is going to be like...I'm going to need to start working out before wedding season begins! Noooo...

Hello Kitty find of the day:

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