May 9, 2014

Travel Style Story: Hong Kong Island Adventure

I've been so incredibly lucky to have been able to travel to Hong Kong numerous times throughout my life and it never gets old. You'd think that Hong Kong is a tiny city, but you would be so wrong! Each section of it is worth spending a bit of time to explore and there are small islands and new territories to visit as well!

One day we decided to take a ferry ride to Cheung Chau island which my grandpa said used to be a fishing island where only fisherman lived. But now it's populated and their biggest event of the year is the Cheung Chau Bun Festival held on the eighth day of the fourth moon. They have giant towers covered with chinese buns that select contestants scale on and whoever gets the most buns in the allotted time wins. We decided to visit a couple days prior to the bun festival since the day of would be too crowded. Luckily we still got to see the bun towers and the rest of the festival preparations.

The day was perfect and thankfully the rain stayed away. I decided to wear a new floral peplum top I bought in Hong Kong (for less than $4!!) for a casual look. As I stated in my last post, my shopping adventures in Hong Kong post will be up next week!

The bun towers!
I loved all the bright colors on the island with the festival flags.
The buns from one of the bakeries. They each have their own unique stamp.
Enjoying the view.
Top: Hong Kong | Pants: Bossini | Shoes: Kelly & Katie (DSW) | Bag: Asos | Sunglasses: Tobi | Earrings: Forever 21

This week's Five for Friday:

1. Favorite new show: White Collar. My grandpa and I both have an affinity for detective shows, so whenever I visit we watch these shows together. He's been watching White Collar and got me hooked!

2. Favorite new music: Kina Grannis just released her new album "Elements" and it is incredibly amazing. She is such a talented artist. You can stream it now on YouTube.

3. Favorite moment: My grandpa and I visited a new area and we tried to find the bus back home, and we both had different ideas of where the bus stop would be located. Let's just say, the stubborn genes run in the family ;-)

4. Favorite food adventure: My uncle and aunt took me out to eat at Watami in Hong Kong and we feasted on Japanese and Korean food. We split 6 apps and then we each had our own large main dish. I was so full, but it was too delicious to stop.

5. Favorite smile: I love this reminder to consider others before ourselves. It's easy to live selfishly, I know. But I do need to look out at others around me and show them they matter whether they need that realization or not. You never know when someone needs that boost of encouragement, or that helping hand, or that single smile.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sandy! I can't believe I got it for such a great deal :)

  2. Looks beuatiful there! How were the sweet treats? I like your laid back look and always love florals. Lovely on you


    1. It was gorgeous :) The perfect day trip! The buns were delicious! They have different fillings like black sesame, red bean and lotus bean paste. All really tasty. Thanks so much for the sweet words!

  3. Awesome travel story! Those buns look delicious!

    P.S. Just started a summer link-up on my blog. Hope you'll join!


    1. Thanks for stopping by! Just joined your link-up! :)

  4. Ahh I so wish you had climbed the bun tower!! hahah

    Also, yay white collar! <3 and you and your stubborn grandpa hehehe

    1. HAHA! Me too! I'll train for it next year....
      I knew you'd appreciate the White Collar bit :)

  5. Love your top! And it look like such a fun adventure!
    Oby Grace


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