November 8, 2013

Life Story: Fall Friday

Fall is all around! I must say, it's one of my favorite seasons, but I was trying to figure out why, so I came up with a list of my five favorite things about Fall. Which fits perfectly with my usual Friday linkup with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

1. Fall leaves
This picture of the alley behind my house is all I need to say.

2. Fall haircut
For some reason I always cut my hair around Thanksgiving. I decided to try a new hairstylist in the city which was nerve-wracking. Don't judge. I'm a little attached to my hair. But it turned out to be one of my favorite hair cuts!

3. Falling in love
October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, a fact that I learned after watching this video on After watching the video I was crying. Not those droplet tears that you might get occasionally, but like waterfall tears. The message portrayed by a little girl is so incredibly beautiful. I want to love people as big as she loves her brother.

4. Fall food
A lot of my favorite foods are eaten during this season. Pumpkin anything, apple anything, sweet potato anything, you get the picture. Can't wait to wear my fat pants so I can stuff my face!

Here are some of the recipes I'm craving:

5. Fall outfits
I'm going to be writing a series of style & shopping tips next week for the Fall season. I'm excited to share tips each day of the week with you! But I think this reminder is my favorite style tip:

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