October 11, 2013

Life Story: Friday Looking Up

So thankful that this week has been so much better than last week. Still working with a crazy schedule of commuting back & forth, but I've enjoyed getting the chance to work downtown & people watch. Creepy? Please, you know you do it too.

It's so much fun looking at people's unique sense of style. But it makes my day when I spot adorable little children with the most impeccable style that I get green with envy. Okay, so it's the mothers' doing obviously. I can't wait to make my kids look good! But probably not in Burberry. Sorry future child(ren), I refuse to put you in expensive clothes you'll spill juice on & won't appreciate. Oh wait, but I still spill on myself.

While I am thankful for the smiles that those adorable kids put on my face, I'm most thankful for the life God has blessed me. I'm imperfect & I grumble more than I should, yet He's given me a beautiful life with clothes on my back, food on my table, a roof over my head & the most amazing family & friends. So I just need to step away from it all & spend time to thank God for His mercies that are new everyday.

Today I'm linking up again with Lauren for High Five for Friday! Here's to looking up to greater things to come!

1. Favorite New Show
Masterchef Junior is the cutest cooking show ever! Not only do they make me feel even more inadequate in my cooking and baking skills, but they also blow me away by their maturity at ages 8-13. I absolutely recommend this show not only to watch their skills in the kitchen, but also to see how they interact with each other. They're competing against each other, but through the first 2 episodes I have seen nothing but encouragement and positive words for one another! HOW BEAUTIFUL. Watch it.

2. Favorite Outfit
This past week I made it a goal to hold my chin up & face the week boldly. Aka. in style & my most important accessory, my smile. You can check out my looks on my Instagram. If you're an Ig-er, please follow me! Here's my favorite look from this week:
Dress: Old Navy | Cardigan: LOFT | leggings: Old Navy | Boots: Steve Madden | Necklace: ILY Couture
3. Favorite Smile
I love most musicians you find in subway stations. It makes me take my headphones out of my ears & actually listen to live music that's all around us. This adorable man put the biggest smile on my face. How cute does he look with his instruments on all 4 extremities??

4. Favorite Food
I've been so bad these past two weeks. While working downtown is great, there's food everywhere. EVERYWHERE. As some of you know, I already eat a lot. But this takes the cake. I've been eating SO much that I've actually gained weight. What. M3 fifteen! Here are two of my favorite things that I've indulged in:
Potbelly's Oreo Shake
Chipotle. Obviously.
5. Favorite New Music
I came across The Saint Johns on iTunes radio last week & fell in love with their song Your Head and Your Heart which was featured on one of my favorite shows, Nashville! Super cool! Their debut EP Open Water is incredible. They're also on tour with Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and Stephen Kellogg, so check them out & see if they'll be visiting a town near you.

Thanks for reading friends! Have a beautiful weekend :) Don't forget to show a little love to someone because we all need to reminded that we are loved from time to time.

Psst...Sorry about leaving you hanging if you're following my Maize & Blue style series! I promise more looks to come soon! :)

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