February 27, 2013

Music Excerpts: Stop & Listen

My sister and I posted a new video hot and fresh out of our living room! We covered Bethany Dillon's beautiful song "Stop and Listen". As always, we had a lot of fun finding new ways to use our voices and instruments to fill the sound in our live takes. There are also bloopers at the end...it highlights our sister antics (aka. weirdness)...

As you can see behind us, we've done some decorating projects for our house over the year...But being the terrible blogger I am, I haven't blogged about them...yet...maybe I'll get to them in a few months or years or never. NO! I will never say neverrrr...yes, I was just singing that to JBiebs' tune in my head. BUT I really really want to share them with you since they were fun creative outlets for us! So cross your fingers or pray that M3 year will be a smidge nicer to me than M2. I'd appreciate that a ton. :)

Also, talking about M2 year. It is coming to a close, but I still have the hardest two months ahead. So I will not be blogging until the end of April. I promise I'll have many delicious recipes & fun outfits for you guys when I get back! I'll even get to update from across the ocean, yay! If you guys could lift up some prayers for me these next two months, I'd gladly appreciate it! Thanks, friends :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video! And please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos!

You can also click on the "Music" tab at the top of the page for more videos & projects from our new/old channel and my collabs with friends :)

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