February 6, 2013

Style Story: Bold Sparkle

This past weekend, I had the most wonderful time with one of my best friends to celebrate her upcoming wedding. After throwing her a bridal shower, all the bridesmaids got to spend quality time with the bride for her super crazy & wild bachelorette party.

Just kidding. We knew the bride just wanted a chill bachelorette party and by that point we were yawning our faces off from the long day. So we had a perfect laid-back night out on the town...just what the doctor ordered for all of us!

Deciding what to wear for the night was fun since I am currently on a no-buying-clothes streak as my semi-New Year resolution. And by "fun", I really mean it! I love trying to look at my closet in new angles and put together outfits I wouldn't have thought of before. Since it was a bachelorette party, I knew I wanted some sparkle & bold colors.

I just got a beautiful light pink & gold necklace from Jeweliq's Valentine collection and I used that as my palette. Next, I wanted something bold to offset the softness of the light pink in the necklace, so I chose a high waisted skirt in a louder salmon pink shade. To complete the look, I set my eyes on a sparkly gold top to bring in the gold accents of the necklace & add some shimmer to the look. And then the rest of my outfit came together! Hope you enjoyed this look :)

Top: The Limited
Skirt: JCrew
Cardigan (old): White House|Black Market
Necklace: Jeweliq
Ring: Jeweliq
Rocking our heart ring pops!


  1. I love Jeweliq site! Everything is gorgeous there. I'm obsessed with their BARELY THERE collection.


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