June 3, 2016


Has anyone else wished their lives were like a musical, where music and dancing in the midst of your life was the norm?...No? Just me?...Alright.

As a musician, it's natural to think of life as a running score in my own movie. There's a recurring theme with variations on moments of strife, suspense, sadness and joy leading to various climaxes of life. Ideally, there would be only sounds of joy. However, lately there has been a cacophony of sounds quite the opposite of joy. Yes, life has been filled with exhausting and challenging moments in the midst of residency. But that doesn't explain the lack of joy. The issue is with the rhythm chosen to follow. 

How easy is it for negativity to seep into our hearts? When our hearts are filled with pieces of garbage, that's the beat we step to. It's not pretty and it leaves us tripping on the dance floor of life with weights on our feet.

This is why we have to choose grace as the rhythm of our life. When we do, it becomes natural to dial in a joyful theme. When I forget to choose joy or let circumstances bring me down, life is bleak. But when I rest in God's grace, I can begin dancing through life. It may not be easy, but the hope we find in Christ, can carry us through the difficult times with a smile on our faces.

So thankful that there are seasons of joy that remind me to get in the groove of that rhythm of grace. Recently, I traveled to Bali where joy surrounded me in the beauty of the place. It was one of those getaways where God left me in awe of His goodness and reminded me of His promise to carry me through every moment of life. Not just the good moments, but also the challenging ones.

This dress from Shop the Mint was the perfect choice to dance through one of those joyful days in Bali. We discovered beautiful beaches and found rest at the incredible Four Seasons Resort.

The "Move Me Maxi Dress" is perfect for most body types, it makes you feel elegant, and it doesn't break the bank! It can be worn as a coverup to the beach, packed up for vacation without wrinkling or dressed up for a summer wedding. They have so many clothing options under $50!

Dress: c/o Shop The Mint
Necklace: 31Bits
Sandals: Old Navy {Similar


  1. You look gorgeous in that dress!

  2. Aww Grace, you are a vision in this dress and the location of the photos, by the beach, is so pretty. I loved reading this post and how you wrote it. I never thought of my life as a musical but I see your point.

    I would love for you to linkup with me. A new linkup is up every Thursday. Come share your gorgeous style with my readers.


    Thanks and have a great weekend! Ada. =)

  3. Beautiful post! Beautiful dress! Beautiful girl!


  4. Such a pretty dress, and looks so good on you :)

  5. What a beautiful off the shoulder dress, and a stunning location! I think spending time in nature and especially places like this it's easy to feel joy at God's works :) Such a beautiful place.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Lovely dress and post! It is good to know that joy doesnot come from circumstances but from God!

  7. I've always loved Shop the Mint pieces. This dress on you is no exception!

    Abby | Life in the Fash Lane

  8. Such a beautiful example of living grace. Thanks for this post.

    I'm in Maui now and wish I could pull off beautiful pictures like this. But that's not my gift of grace. 😀 💕

  9. That dress looks so cute on you! I'll have to take a look at it.


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