April 18, 2016


To celebrate this upcoming Mother's Day, I am teaming up with 10 other amazing women to give away $150 to one of our favorite stores, Fashion & Compassion!! We thought it'd be fun to also share stories about the influential women in our lives and how they have molded us to be the strong, confident & compassionate women we are today.

I love Fashion & Compassion because of their heart for women overcoming poverty and injustice in our own neighborhoods and around the world. Fashion & Compassion aims to connect caring consumers with vulnerable female artisans to bring dignity through economic opportunity and beauty through the lovely creations these women produce. Most importantly, F&C aims to give hope to women who are trying to build a life after serious hardships – from poverty to sex-trafficking. 

So, how do you enter this giveaway to win $150 to spend on this adorable Beauty & Dignity tote and beautiful wrap bracelet (pictured below) and so much more from Fashion & Compassion? Head over to Instagram tonight at 7PM CST and find the Giveaway image to enter! The giveaway is open until this Thursday, April 21st at 7PM! Good luck!! :)

My mother is too amazing for words to capture. Without her constant support & faith in my talents and gifts, I would not be where I am today. Through her love for God, I have learned what unconditional love is. Despite those angsty teenage years, she continues to love me and show me God's grace. Over the year, I have fought my own demons that tell me, "You are not enough." But my mom always helped me rid of those thoughts by reminding me, "you are enough!" God created me in His beautiful image, and in Him, I am enough! 

My mom is also my number one prayer warrior. Every day, multiple times a day, she lifts me up in prayer when she spends her one-on-one time with our Heavenly Father. To illustrate her amazingness, she has a prayer folder at her desk that is worn & bent from daily use as she kneels on it to pray for her family and friends. I know that God is always watching over me because her prayers cover my daily needs and those challenging times. 

I love my mom more than words can convey or music can express. I hope to be at least a fraction of the mom that you are one day! Thanks mom for showing me how to wear grace & style it with love!

Now, it's your turn! Who is the most influential woman in your life? It may not be your mom, it could be a best friend, mentor, teacher, etc. I can't wait to read your stories!


Top: Old Navy on SALE! {Similar | Similar}
Cardigan: J.Crew {Similar | Similar}
Heels: J.Crew {Similar | Similar}
Wrap Bracelet: c/o Fashion & Compassion


  1. Love this beautiful spring look, the printed peplum is gorgeous!

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

  2. These photos with the cool background are so eye-catching! That gold cardigan is so perfect for Spring too!

  3. You and your mom are both lovely! I'm sure you make her proud. xoxo - Leslie

  4. Your mom sounds like such a wonderful, supportive, loving woman! Wow. Also this outfit is too cute. I love the little bow flats!


    1. That she is!! :) Love her! Thanks so much Aleczandra! :)

  5. Such an adorable bag!!
    xo, Syd

    1. Isn't it so cute?! Love the message behind it especially :)

  6. What a sweet post about your mom and love your pretty look!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you soon!


  7. I teared up reading your beautiful tribute to your mom. I'm SO glad you participated in this collaboration with F&C as you too have a heart for Christ and a willingness to share his love (and the love your mom gave to you) to women who need it!

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

  8. That's a super cute sweater you're wearing! I love that color.


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