July 2, 2015


Happy Fourth of July weekend!

Many of you are probably looking forward to this American holiday. Who doesn't love celebrating the freedom we have in America to spend time with friends, enjoy delicious barbecues and shop those awesome sales?

But did you know that there are Americans who don't have these freedoms?

The freedom many Americans have is so precious, but I catch myself too often taking it for granted. When I remove the blinders and look in my periphery, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to have the freedom to worship freely, to dress freely, to speak freely, to act freely, etc.

So how can it be that there are people in America who do not enjoy these same freedoms? 

Recent statistics have stated that more than 10,000 sex trafficking victims have been identified in the United States? Emphasis on "been identified" because that means there are countless more who have not been found. Yet.

We can make a change to this horrendous truth. 

This week's Sevenly Cause, Polaris, is working hard to rescue the young victims of human trafficking in the US. Your support provides crisis intervention, with staff on call 24/7 to respond immediately to victims in crisis. Polaris also supports the victims with long-term care including counseling, emergency housing, food, emergency medical and mental health treatment. Above all, your help will give young girls a chance to rebuild their lives and enjoy their freedom.

Will you consider supporting this incredible cause and grant freedom to these young victims? It's one thing to know the truth; it's another to act upon that truth and change a person's ugly reality to something beautiful.

For each purchase made this week, Sevenly will donate $7 to Polaris! Or if you don't have the funds to support them monetarily, consider educating yourself on how to recognize a victim of human trafficking. You may be shocked to find that you've encountered a victim before but never realized it until you have learned the signs.

And let's also remember to not take our freedoms for granted, but to do more good with the freedoms we have. I hope you all enjoy your holiday weekend! Don your stars & stripes, celebrate well & safely with your friends, and give thanks for your freedom!

Dress: Anthropologie {Similar | Similar}
Heels: BCBG {Similar | Similar}
Clutch: Kate Spade {Similar}
Jewelry: Rocksbox {Receive 1 month FREE unlimited subscription with code joannaxoxo}


  1. I love the dress! The vibrant colors are so fun :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  2. How perfect is this outfit for the 4th of July!? I love love love that Kate Spade clutch -- one day we really need to bring all of our Kate Spade novel clutches and shoot our collections together ha ha!!

    Sed Bona

  3. You look beautiful in the red, white, and blue dress!!! How patriotic! In regards to the sex trafficking, it is such a sad thing to have happen all over the world! I have seen many programs on this subject, and can't believe how easily children are plucked from their home, and turned into sex objects! It's very frightening!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! And yea...it's so scary and heartbreaking.

  4. Thank you for addressing this issue. Gorgeous dress!

    1. It's so important!
      Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  5. Human trafficing is such a horrible thing. I am so happy we are working hard to put a stop to this. Love the outfit you chose. You look so cute

    1. It really is terrible!
      Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Love that outfit! Great photos.

  7. Such a pretty outfit! I love all of these colors! Have a great weekend! xo

  8. I'm so in love with those Rockstud Patent Leather Mid-Heels! Absolute elegance!

  9. I love this dress! It looks like a beautiful, cool, flowing dress for a hot summer's day!

  10. You look fabulous in this red, white, and blue striped dress!!! You look like you're very comfortable and cool! The shoes are gorgeous, and the bag goes very well, topping off the look!!!

  11. This is such a thoughful post. Thanks for sharing.
    You look great in that dress. I saw it a few weeks ago in store and fell in love immediately.

    Between the Pearls

  12. Such a pretty 4th of July dress! You look amazing, Grace! I especially love the photo of you jumping. So cute!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Friday Favorites last week! Hope to see you back again this Friday!

    The Closet by Christie

  13. i love that dress..it looks beautiful and very comfy.

  14. Great comfy casual look perfect for the weekend and totally up my alley! Thanks for linking up with us on Start the Week Stylish!

  15. You are so right that there are unfortunately people in our own country that has had their freedom taken away from them. So great for you to highlight the issue.

    This dress is stunning on you and loving your fun clutch!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!



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