January 28, 2014

Style Story: Dubai Dress

When people ask me about my trip to Dubai, my answer is always, "I miss Dubai so much!" But that is a huge understatement.

Not only did I have to say goodbye to my family at the end of that vacation, I had to endure a 70+ degree drop in weather.

But was that the worst of it? Oh no. The BEST part of returning home was when the shuttle driver from the airport had to throw my bags and ME over the fence since the door was buried shut under the fresh foot of snow. Yep. It's so good to be back.

Thank goodness I have pictures from Dubai to remember what 60-70 degree weather feels like, and what my outfits look like without having to wear a full down jacket over them.

NOTE: Dubai is a pretty conservative city, but not as conservative as the rest of the United Arab Emirates since it's a tourist city. But I still wanted to respect the conservative culture in Dubai and I wrapped a scarf around my shoulders when walking in public in this dress. These photos are from our Marriott hotel room balcony & a public beach where conservative dress is not enforced.

Loved our mirrored windows outside! Perfect for selfie photo taking.
Dipping my feet in the Persian Gulf
Tradition: Writing my name in the sand
Miss the view behind me of the Dubai Marina
The Marina Beach
Dress: Rhyme Los Angeles | Swimsuit: Old Navy | Sunglasses: Tobi | Bag: Asos | Scarf: Urban Outfitters

So thankful for this family vacation! Dubai was just a random idea my dad came up with as we were brainstorming places and it became the most amazing reality. Nothing better than experiencing new adventures with the people I love most and we could not have chosen a more opportune time to visit. Who knew we'd get to experience the World Record breaking fireworks display? Amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this style story! I'm excited for my next travel adventure. Do you have any favorite vacation destinations? Please share & comment below!


  1. Oh my gosh! That dress is amazing and paired with your location??? Perfect! It looked like such an incredible time! I am actually off to New York in two weeks (first time ever going) so I am excited for that!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words :)
      That is so exciting!! I hope you have an incredible time as I'm sure you will! It's a fun place to explore!

  2. Replies
    1. :) I can't wait for Chiberia to be over so I can wear it again!

  3. I love the theme of your blog, style stories, kitchen stories, your own stories! That is a cute idea and helps me as a reader understand the diversity of your blog! You're adorable and thanks for Checking out Stef With An F!!!! Consider me your newest follower on BlogLovin :)

    1. Thank you! Thanks for following my story :) Consider me your newest Bloglovin follower as well!

  4. Gorgeous maxi! I hope to visit Dubai once in my life also.


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