November 13, 2013

Style Story: Work Appropriate Wednesday

If you didn't read Monday or Tuesday's post, you can get them here & here to get a better understanding of this style mini-series. I hope you all are finding these tips to be helpful and trying them out!

Tip #3: For one of the warmer Fall days, wear a simple maxi dress and add a neutral cardigan with ruffles, patterns, sequins, etc. to add a bit more jazz to this outfit. If the day happens to be a bit chillier, use one of my favorite tricks & wear leggings or footless tights underneath to warm up.

And remember, "a kind heart is a fountain of gladness, making everything in its vicinity freshen into smiles." (Washington Irving)

Dress: Hong Kong | Cardigan: J Crew | Necklaces: old | Flats: Old Navy

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Maxi Dresses

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