August 10, 2013

Style Story: Wedding-Palooza Weekend

Last weekend was the craziest weekend of my summer, not because I had two weddings, but because the two weddings were within 24 hours and in two different states! But it was so worth it to get to see my friends get married and to be a part of their wedding day. Weddings are basically reunions. I had such a blast reconnecting with familiar faces that I've missed so much!

Wedding 1 (aka. my high school bffs reunion): An evening wedding

I was debating between a pastel summer look or more evening look with darker hues. Sometimes you don't know if you should wear a lighter color to a summer wedding even if it's in the evening. So like most women, I texted my girlfriends asking what they were wearing. Since they were all wearing deeper shades, I opted for a more evening look. I highly recommend everyone to coordinate outfits with other guests since going to a wedding isn't about sticking out in the crowd, the attention should always be on the bride (& groom).

Dress: Anthropologie | Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction | Belt: Forever21 | Necklace: Forever21 (also worn here) | Bracelet: Jeweliq | Ring: Hong Kong
(Thanks for these pictures, Jen!) 

This wedding was so fun and highlighted the bride's personality so well! My favorite little detail were her purple sequin Toms :) So fun!
I also loved her sweet wedding favors! Such a simple but cute DIY & brilliant wordplay!
Simply remove the outer label of LifeSaver mints or Certs, replace it with a white paper wrapper (or you can use paper that matches your wedding colors!). Print out sheets of "Mint to Be" on cardstock of any color and use a paper puncher of any shape to cut out the label. Punch a small hole at the top and string ribbon/twine of any color and tie it on the roll of mints. VoilĂ ! Happy guests!

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Wedding 2 (aka. college InterVarsity reunion): An afternoon wedding

I got ready in 30 minutes for this wedding in the church bathroom after driving 4 long hours all by my lonesome. Thank God for zero traffic on the way! (Getting out of Ann Arbor was a different took me an hour to get out of Ann Arbor since all the ramps to get on the highway were closed! It was like a sign telling me to never leave...haha) For this wedding, I was asked to play in the string quartet during the wedding ceremony, so I opted for a simple pastel look with jewelry that could easily transition from day to night.

Dress: Forever21 | Necklace: Jeweliq | Bracelet: ILYCouture | Earrings: Jeweliq

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. You look adorable, and I'm crazy about that rope necklace! Voted for you <3

  2. Having just got married last week, I was eager to tell everyone about this place. We had the perfect wedding, thanks to their amazing service.


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