June 30, 2013

Style Story: GO HAWKS!

We had a fun day at the hospital last Friday to celebrate with the Blackhawks for bringing the Stanley Cup back to Chicago. I got an excuse to wear a T-shirt to work...*gasp*!

I took the opportunity and my sister generously let me borrow her Blackhawks shirt. But I still had to look professional especially since my patients already insist that I look too young to be a doctor/med student and I didn't want to make myself look younger. So I decided to dress up the T-shirt by pairing it with a more work-appropriate skirt. And voilĂ ! I took a quick snapshot of the look on my way out the door...
Cardigan: Michael Kors
Skirt: Vintage aka. hand-me down from my mom!
Necklace: Charlotte Russe (from high school!)
Flats: Easy Spirit

And just because I love the city of Chicago, here's my favorite skyline when the sun smiled radiantly after a stormy afternoon :) Reminds me that there may be bad or dark moments in life, but they're bound to be followed by a good & beautiful moment.

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