A doctor by day (& night) and using this space in the in-between to invest in my creativity and share my adventure of a life. We were all created to create and I believe we all have something unique & special to bring to this world.

My story is poly-thematic based in Chicago on the themes of style, food, world travels and music. The leitmotif & cornerstone of my story is Jesus, the One who teaches me each day how to love big because Love does. Love came to extend abundant grace into my imperfect life so that I may be refined like gold to shine brighter in this world.

The name "Grace" in Style stemmed from this belief. My hope is to show that living a life full of grace is stylish and can positively impact this world, whether in big or small ways. In this space I share stories of how I try to live a grace-filled life while encouraging others to do the same, but in their own uniquely-styled ways.

Welcome & stay a while as I share my story!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to put on Love today & share it with anyone in need of some. As Bob Goff says, "Quit waiting for a plan; just GO LOVE EVERYBODY."

Questions & comments are welcome!
Email me at graceinstyleblog@gmail.com
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