December 23, 2018


Winter time in Chicago means that you must be prepared and stockpiled with cold weather clothing and accessories.

Sweaters, scarves, mittens, earmuffs, hats, etc. You need it all to survive.

But just because you may be bundled up, that does not mean you have to sacrifice style. Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite cold-weather finds that are the definition of cozy and cute! I found everything at my local Loft store and these essentials include leopard prints, pretty plaids, velvet goodness, and some are tied up with a bow!

Scarves are a must! Especially in the Windy City. (Am I right or am I right?) I had a really tough time deciding which scarves to choose. I mean, look at all those options above! I was in scarf heaven at the store! I decided on this plaid scarf. The colors go with so much! But I was torn & loved all of these other scarves:


Hats are also a must in the Windy City. I feel like my ears are always the coldest part of my body. (Actually, it's probably tied with my nose.) So I paired the scarf with a matching chenille hat. And to add even more cuteness, I added a faux fur crossbody purse! It's the perfect additional detail to any winter look!


Just in case you're wondering, I'm also wearing the twisted back cutout sweater above. I've worn the sweater three times in a week. It pairs well with pants and can also be tucked into sweaters. I paired it here with brushed sateen leggings. I'm hoping to get these leggings in every color for Christmas, because while they are called leggings, they're more like comfy pants that are appropriate to wear to work. YES, PLEASE.

I've been loving this pink oversized sweater. Oversized sweaters are everywhere lately. But it's all in the details for finding the right one that stands out. This color is so pretty and perfect for all year round. But my favorite detail are the puffy sleeves and the bow detail on the back! 

I paired the sweater with the comfiest velvet jeans. YES. Velvet. They fit like a glove and I own them in multiple colors because I love them so much.

And these earmuffs are beyond cute! It's perfect if you're like me and like to wear the animal print trend in a subtle way. But if you don't like the leopard print at all, no worries! There are classic black faux fur earmuffs for you!


Clothing: c/o Loft

PS. My sister and I recorded a fun Christmas song mashup for our family and friends! We hope you enjoy it & maybe get a good laugh if you watch all the way to the end ;-) Wishing you a joyous Christmas!

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