October 3, 2018


Fall has come.

I don't know about you, but I usually love watching the leaves change from green to vibrant yellow, orange and red. It's magical and makes my heart sing. But for some reason, I've been really hesitant for the change this year. After sifting through the possible reasons why I feel that way, it hit me.

The past few months were full of many life changes. I graduated residency, left a hospital and patients I knew and loved like family for 7 years, my sister moved away, etc. While I understand that change is good and I can certainly embrace minor changes in life, I'm not a fan of a lot of life changes. So the thought of more change makes me apprehensive. I miss the coziness I felt with the known, the familiar, the expected.

One thing I love about journaling is that it allows me to look back at past seasons and see how God grew me and worked in amazing ways in my life. As I look back, I survived all the past seasons of change and thrived through it. I trust that there is so much more goodness ahead even if I can't see it. God has incredible ways of surprising me and providing in ways I never expected.

And it's when I embrace the change and choose joy instead of worry, that I can truly allow God's good plan to come to fruition. So I'm going to choose joy and let my Fall be joy-filled. I'm calling this season, Joy Fall.

One thing that definitely gives me joy is Fall clothes. Throw on a Fall frock, pair it with booties or flats, add some simple jewelry and you're good to go! I even paired it with my new "choose joy" bracelet from 31 Bits as a reminder to choose joy this season (& every season). What is favorite thing about Fall?

Bag: 31Bits
Bracelets: 31Bits
Rings: 31Bits | 31Bits
Earrings: 31Bits

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