July 16, 2018


Oh, sweet sweet summer. 

After our dreary winters, I love watching the earth spring to life. The rain nourishes the earth, the sun shine longer & life blooms.

Summer brings up childhood memories of gardening with my parents, berry picking, weekend fishing and camping trips with family friends, adventures around the world, summer camp, etc. It is a season of growth. 

So many of those memories were formative and helped me become the woman I am today. Especially when I think back to those trips to developing countries that opened my eyes to injustices around the world, to different cultures, etc. And when I remember those important lessons from church summer camp and how I learned to make my faith in God my own.

Summer is a fruitful season, literally and figuratively. Berry, cherry and peach season are my favorites. During cherry season, I scored rainier cherries at the farmers market. And the farm's cherry trees definitely bore sweet cherries!

My hope is that the fruit I bear is sweet; that in everything I do in my life is filled with love, joy, kindness, patience, goodness, faithfulness and glorifies the Lord.

Photography: Cranberry Tantrums


  1. I don't think this outfit could be any cuter. The straps are just adorable and I love the ruffles on the back of the dress!


  2. Your dress is so pretty! :)


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