January 28, 2018


Did you know that pearls are created as a defense mechanism for mollusks?

Whenever a mollusk is faced with an irritant or parasite, their immune system builds pearl sacs which create the pearls we wear in jewelry or clothing. I just find that so fascinating and, well, beautiful. And it's such a great reminder of how beauty can exist even in our most trying moments.

Life may seem dreary and full of difficult times, but there is always something good. It may be hard to find in those dark moments, but the beauty is there. We may just have to look a bit harder for those pearls of goodness.

Pearls have been all the rage lately in fashion, mainly as an embellishment for clothing. They're found on anything from tops, to pants or skirts, to jackets, etc. I recently got this beautiful pearl sweater and I must have received at least 10 compliments the first time I wore it. I can definitely see myself wearing this throughout winter and into spring!

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