August 11, 2017


Stop and smell the roses.

How often do we hear this saying? And how often do we heed its wisdom?

I will admit that it is one I tend to ignore. I get stuck in the "busyness" of life and keep my head down with work, my never-ending to-do lists and projects.

Another reason I don't always stop to smell the roses is that I often don't think that there are any roses around to enjoy. It's easy to get caught in the thorns of life and let them bog us down. But if we just looked around, there are always roses there within arms reach. 

With these mindsets, I miss out on so much of life. So lately, I've been trying to be better about taking a few hours of Sabbath, or rest, each week and putting away the to-do lists. Sabbath can look different depending on how you get rest. My favorite way of spending Sabbath is by spending quality time with friends and family, going to church and sharing a meal. Sometimes, I'm so exhausted that I take a nap. Another restful way to spend Sabbath is by listening to music with a good book. The list can go on.

In these moments, I actually get the chance to look around and soak in my surroundings. I notice the beauty of God's creation and the multitude of roses He leaves for us to enjoy. Life may have its thorns, but He gives us the hope of goodness and beauty.

So let's stop and smell the roses more often! Comment below if you have ideas for scheduling in time for rest and adhering to it!

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