April 16, 2017


My middle name is my Chinese name. I love it because it means "bright" as in, "a star or light that shines bright".

It's also a reminder to me of who God made me to be. I was created to create to use my gifts to shine bright into a world of darkness. It's been so much fun using fashion, my personal style, food, travels and music to be a light.

But I am so thankful for all of you who continue to encourage me to keep pressing on and be a light when the going gets tough. Your lights have shown in my life when there is darkness in my own life. So keep shining bright. You never know when your light is helping someone escape the darkness and find their way to hope.

As I have reminisced over the past weeks of Lent leading into Easter, I have been reminded of God's incomprehensible faithfulness and goodness. Despite my failings, He brought the ultimate Light, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross in our place. But because Light overcomes darkness, He rose from the dead and we are made new again as Christ followers. Darkness can never overtake us because we have the everlasting Light to guide us when darkness seeps into our lives.

How beautiful is that truth?



  1. Beautiful dress with such fun colored accessories! I would never guess that it was Shein because it looks so luxe...almost like Banana Republic! Keep shining girl :)

  2. Love this look. So much fun color! And, a VERY beautiful truth you shared! Praise God for shining into our darkness!

    More to Mrs. E

  3. This is such a cute post. I love that striped dress and I love the bright sandals! So cute!


  4. This dress is so gorgeous. I love the style and stripes. I bought a similar one like it but mine has cap sleeves with a cold shoulder. Love the clutch and sandals with it. All so colorful and pretty for Spring.

    Welcome by Thursdays because I run a style linkup and I'd love for you to join it and share your gorgeous style with my readers. Thanks Grace and have a great week!

    Ada =)

  5. Pinstripes for spring is a classic. I love how you added some fun to the outfit with those heels!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com


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