December 20, 2016


Sorry for the quiet here, I've been getting sick back to back from my patients during this Fall to Winter season. I love getting hugs from the kiddos, but the coughs in my face or that sneeze in my mouth aren't the most welcomed. Yup, true life of a Pediatrician!

But, I think this past Fall deserves a farewell just because of how beautiful it was. It's a sweet memory that I can think back on in this negative degree winter weather in Chicago. It reminds me of how in life there are ups and downs.

We are not promised a perfect, happy life. But we are promised hope and peace in the midst of those moments of happiness and despair. So Chicago, have no fear, Spring will surely be here after the Winter, just as God is still good in the midst of any circumstance.

I'm absolutely in love with this tasseled bag that brings so much color and life to Winter. I'll be carrying it all winter long to bring some joy to this dreary cold weather. Plus it fits a lot more than it looks like it would which is perfect if you are like me and carry everything with you (because you never know what you'll need)!

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  1. Love this coat! You look so chic and cheerful!

    Edwige |


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