September 4, 2016


Happy Labor Day!

For some reason Labor Day always gives me the sense of starting a crisp new blank page. Maybe it's because in the past it was always around the start of a new school year, or because it marks a new season, or because it's so close to my birthday. Whatever the reason is, I have the same feeling again this year.

This year, the new page includes a new healthier self. As my friends know very well, I despise working out. Our relationship is quite ugly. However, I do feel guilty telling my patients to lead healthy lives by eating healthy and exercising regularly when I don't exercise myself. This is why I've decided to start exercising again. 

Anyone have tips for getting started? I've found that classes help keep me motivated and push me to press on even when I feel like I'm dying. Zumba is my guilty pleasure and probably the only form of exercise I enjoy. But Ballet Burn has also been pretty enjoyable despite being sore for days. Hoping this page will bleed into the rest of my book and lead into a full healthy life!

I love the idea of wearing white on Labor Day to illustrate the idea of a clean white slate. I found this affordable and fun white dress with beautiful blue embroidery. To finish it off, I paired it with red shoes to create a patriotic look.

Hopefully all of you hard-working people are enjoying a day off! You deserve it!

I am working today because the hospital never closes, but wishing you all a safe and healthy holiday! Seriously, please stay out of the ER!

Dress: Boohoo {Similar}
Shoes: Seychelles (Sold Out) {Similar}
Bag: Old Navy (Sold Out) {Similar}
Earrings: T&J Designs {Similar}


  1. Good luck with exercising. You look fabulous in that dress.

  2. I love the white and blue combination of the dress and the details too. You look lovely.


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