September 24, 2015


Throughout this season of life, I often look back at my decision to be a pediatrician. One reason why I decided to work with children is because of the smiles and laughter they add to my life and their resilience even when they are extremely sick. But sometimes reality hits hard when you realize that there is something they may not be able to bounce back from.

That big, scary "C" word.


Diagnosing a child with cancer is one of the most heartbreaking jobs of a pediatrician. While a lot of the children diagnosed with cancer are too young to fully understand their disease, their parents and families carry a lot of the burden.

There's more involved to treating cancer than chemotherapy, radiation, etc. What patients and patients' families need most is physical, mental and emotional support. 

This week's Sevenly campaign, CURE Childhood Cancer, is providing that necessary support. Families can turn to CURE for emergency financial support, medical counseling, hospital transportation, and psychological support. Will you join us and lend a hand in this support system? We can all be in this together. How?

With each purchase of a Sevenly item, they donate $7 to the charity of the week. And just for my awesome readers, you can get 10% OFF with code "joanna"!! So what are you waiting for?

Photographer: Jackie Accornero

T-Shirt: Sevenly
Heels: Naturalizer {Similar Bow Heels}


  1. you look so sweet! this is a great cause. It takes so much courage
    have a great weekend

  2. This is such a great charity! I have a cousin who is now in remission from having cancer when she was 3 years old. Thanks for sharing this great cause today! Also, thanks for linking up at Favorite Fashion Friday!

  3. This is one of my favourite looks. I'm a massive fan of graphic tees plus your skirt is beautiful. Love all the colours.

  4. What a sweet tee and so wonderful that the proceeds go to a great cause!

    Thank you for being a part of TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  5. Such a pretty outfit! Love your skirt!


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