August 13, 2015


This month, I've had the incredible opportunity to work with children with special needs at work. And through my interactions with these exceptional kids, I quickly learned that this quote rings true:

"Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very special love." - S. Palin

Each child I work with inspires various emotions. These kids all have their own unique personalities and methods of expression. But the one theme I've noticed is the love these great kids give and teach their families and caregivers. I leave each interaction with a fuller heart because of these kids. Children with special needs require a certain environment to function and learn. Unfortunately, there aren't enough places with environments appropriate for their needs.

I've also seen children who are victims of abuse and bullying over the past few years. My heart breaks for these kids. The reality of abuse is that it leaves a mark that will never go away. Often when children have a history of abuse, they become abusers.

So, what can we do for both these kids with special needs and these at-risk kids?

The Gentle Barn is an amazing organization that provides a safe environment for these children to learn through animal therapy. At the Gentle Barn, they rescue animals with a history of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. The animals are given treatment and a loving place to heal.

In turn, the animals help the children with special needs by providing unconditional love, kindness and no judgment. The kids are able to explore freely in their own ways and learn how to care for others by interacting with the animals.

For the at-risk children, these animals share a similar story. They help the kids see that healing is possible. In the safe environment of The Gentle Barn, the kids are able to open up about their pasts. By interacting with the animals, the kids learn how to love themselves and love others.

Wonderful, right? Now, how can we help?

This week, Sevenly is raising awareness and funds for The Gentle Barn with the cutest T-shirt designs! Typically, with each Sevenly purchase, $7 is donated to the cause of the week. But this week, your donation will be matched! So $14 will be donated to support the mission of The Gentle Barn! I mean, how awesome are these T-shirt designs for the whole family?



Photography: Jackie Accornero

Shirt: c/o Sevenly
Shorts: Anthropologie {Similar white shorts}
Cardigan: JCrew {Similar cardigans}
Necklace: ThreeTwentyThreeCo {Similar Necklaces}
Shoes: Chinese Laundry {Similar Leopard Print Shoes}


  1. I've heard of animal therapy! It sounds like a great idea to get kids to begin to trust again! On behalf of all of the kids you're helping, I want to Thank You for all of your help!!! Stick to it!

  2. Such a great organization. I have to check it out :)


  3. The Gentle Barn sounds like an amazing organization. Pet therapy is amazing in so many ways.A wonderful experience, thanks for sharing

  4. Hi, Grace! It was lovely to meet you (however briefly!) last night. I just wanted to say that this is a great post and a great collaboration. It's awesome to see fashion bloggers working with brands and companies that make a positive difference in the world!

    lifestyle by joules

  5. I love your t-shirts with sayings on them! They are great! I, myself, have a vast collection of t-shirts like these!!!

  6. I love how you styled the tee! Sounds like an amazing organization. :)
    I'd love for you to come join my very first link up today. :)

  7. I love all of the great work you do for third world families! I think that you are a very kind, and gracious person who takes pride in helping others!! Congratulations!!!

  8. This warms my heart. I wish ALL children could experience it

  9. I want to Thank You for all that you are doing for those who are less fortunate!!! You have a great, kind heart!!!

  10. You always bright to our attention such worthy organizations! Love those leopard flats with this outfit.

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you Thursday.


  11. Such a cute look! Love the tee and the color mix.

  12. I think my first shirt with a saying on it was: Life's A Beach! And, my interest and collection grew from there! Now, I have quite a few shirts with sayings on them! They're fun to wear!!!

  13. I love your shirt and that necklace. You look very pretty!

    The Color Palette

  14. I love your shirt! Your necklace and your cardigan are perfectly paired. I host a style linkup and I would love to have you join in. You can find it here. xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  15. Sounds like an awesome organization! And I'm loving YOUR tee - how perfect!

  16. My daughter has autism and animal therapy works wonders. We took her to swim with the dolphins and she was so calm for days after. Our dogs have also helped calm and deflect meltdowns which were frequent and extreme. Working with them is such a privilege and those tees are fab!

  17. Your top is sooooo fun and I love how you dressed it up with those pops of pink/coral! SO happy to have found you through the pleated poppy linkup!

    xo! Jordan Taylor | petiteMODERN

  18. I'd never heard of animal therapy--what a great idea! Your outfit is super cute and summery--totally something I would wear! :) Stopping by from the Confident Twosday linkup!


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