May 5, 2015


Traveling is a passion of mine. It’s always a joy to experience the adventure it brings! My family and I went on a week-long adventure through a few cities in Vietnam last week.

The seven incredible days flew by like I suspected it would. Our itinerary was packed! We spent a couple days in Ho Chi Minh City (previously Saigon), drove to Can Tho, flew to Hanoi to explore the bustling city and spent a day on the water in Ha Long Bay.

Vietnam is such a fun country because it's as if you're in a constant time warp. At moments you feel like you're living in the early-mid 1900s, then in the next you're in present day, or sometimes it's just a confusing mixed feeling.

This trip was filled with adventure. From crawling through guerrilla tunnels, to riding on the bag of a motorbike on narrow & bumpy back roads when you see your life flying before your very eyes, to shooting an AK47, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything! Since I've already visited many countries in Asia, I wasn't expecting to experience anything totally new in Vietnam, but this trip was filled with a lot of firsts.

Here are some highlights in pictures:

We toured the Viet Cong tunnels that they used during the Vietnam War. It was crazy having a small taste of what it was like. I thought I was semi-tiny, but wow were the Viet Cong tiny if they fit in these tunnels! No overeating allowed! Do no try this if you are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark.

The most peaceful moment of the trip was while we road on a small row boat on Water Palm Creek! I never wanted this beautiful moment to end!

Oh but the food & drinks are what I surely will miss. There are fresh coconuts in abundance even when you're on a boat in the middle of the Mekong River! Are you a bit thirsty? Have no fear! The little boat quick marts have all the drinks you could need!

And the breakfasts every morning cannot be beat! All I need is a large selection of exotic fruits and a bowl of pho.

The Can Tho Floating Market is also pretty magical. All your fresh produce needs are floating in the middle of the Mekong River. And if you get that fruit craving, there are boatloads (literally) of fresh fruit calling out your name.

Hanoi was also an experience I can't forget. I couldn't quite capture the busyness of the city or the constant fear of being run over by one of the 4 million motorbikes that inhabit the city. But I still loved every moment of being in Hanoi!

I rode on a rickshaw as my driver expertly dodged all the cars and motorbikes. But, I could still smile for a picture!

We also had an incredible dinner at Green Tangerine. I loved the French-Vietnamese fusion and the creativity put into all the food! The "Roasted Pigeon in a Cage" and the "Petite Five" dessert were my favorites! They also have the cutest outdoor patio.

Ha Long Bay was the most breathtaking moment of the trip. It was packed full of much needed exercise after all the eating we did in Vietnam. We kayaked in the bay, climbed thousands of steps to explore some pretty cool caves. But my favorite was when we climbed up hundreds of steps to the top of Titop Island for a crazy beautiful view. It was beyond worth it.

I am so thankful I had the opportunity to explore God's beautiful creation and experience this adventure in Vietnam! Thanks for reading!

Where's the last place you've explored? What's your dream vacation? I'd love to hear from you below and get some ideas for my next adventure!


  1. LOVE these highlights from your trip! These photos are so stunning. The fruit looks so fresh and delicious! I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! XO


    1. Thank you so much Anna! You are the sweetest! Hope you have a wonderful week! <3

  2. Lovely pictures! Was the pigeon in a cage really a pigeon? Interesting.

    Leslie /

    1. Thanks Leslie!! Yes! It's really pigeon :) The chef is amazing!

      Hope you have a great week!

  3. What beautiful pictures! This looks like it was an incredible time.

    1. Thank you so much! It really was! I want to go back! :)

  4. Wow amazing photos, Vietnam is on my list of places to visit definitely!


  5. Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing them.


    Hope to see you Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I visited Can Tho floating market (it seems to be called Cai Rang or Cai Be market), it's so amazing.


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