May 28, 2015


Happy Thankful Thursday friends! This is the third week of my Thankful Thursday series, and I'm hoping you've been enjoying learning more about incredible organizations doing good work around the world.

When traveling around the world, I often find that exploring local markets is a great way to learn about the culture. Most times, it's actually preferable to listening to a tour guide because you get to communicate with local artists and learn about their stories.

Malena is an organization that brings these goods and stories from around the world to your doorstep. But their mission is so much more.

Malena's Mission:

Malena is a new website where you can shop gorgeous, ethical goods that tell a story and empower people worldwide.

The founder, Flynn Coleman, is an international human rights lawyer and social entrepreneur with a focus on innovative approaches to economic empowerment. These experiences, along with having conversations with people around the world, have formed Flynn’s belief that we can have a huge impact on people’s well-being by supporting their economic agency, so that they can make their own choices about their lives. Investing in people and their creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, so they can become economically independent, is the foundation for Malena.

We all want the same things – health, something to believe in, prosperity, to belong, and a chance for a better future. And everyone has a story to tell. The most effective way to solve the root causes of poverty and inequality, and to support everyone’s right to dignity and agency, is to provide opportunity. This is how Malena began. Malena is a global community that shares these stories, connecting you with people around the world through the goods they create, the stories of how they came to create them, and ideas about how our partners’ work helps them to make their own choices about their lives, in ways that bring them security, self-expression, and joy, on their own terms.

Malena partners with groups of people who have come together, often overcoming enormous odds, and who create beautiful designs and empower their artisans and entrepreneurs economically. Malena supports these groups and individuals through growing their commercial enterprises, giving them a global market for their goods, and sharing their skills and their stories with you.

Here is a short film about The Malena Story!

When you shop at Malena, you become part of a chain reaction that reverberates around the world, helping us provide our partners with a global market for their amazing work, a fair, sustainable income, and support for their communities, changing lives worldwide. Our vision is to continue to invest in creative ways to support dignity and agency for communities worldwide, building tools, technologies, and networks to support people’s economic independence.

We like to call it (EM)POWER SHOPPING. And we’re so excited to share this adventure with you!

Here are some of my favorite items that you can purchase to support these individuals around the world:

Malena is GIVING AWAY the beautiful Lisbeth Scarf to one of YOU in the color of your choice!
I'm so thankful for your faithful readership and for supporting Grace in Style! Head over to our Instagram accounts (@ShopMalena | @joannamhui) to enter & for the giveaway rules! Giveaway starts when the image you see below is posted on our accounts and ends 6/1 at 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced 6/2 by noon CST.

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