August 29, 2014


The torrential rain and flash flood warnings these past weeks have not been fun. Dear Chicago skies, what's to cry about when it just starts to actually feel like summer? Probably the worst is the humidity after the rain.

But a few friends and I took the chance to spend time in downtown Chicago to do some actual shopping, not the online kind, and have afternoon tea at The Peninsula. Luck was on our side! The moment we finished shopping and stepped into The Peninsula, it started pouring out of the blue. We were so thankful!

Plus, we loved our tea experience at The Peninsula! The tea selection was amazing and deliciously strong no matter how many times they refilled my teapot. And the food. YUM. I'm used to those white bread cucumber finger sandwiches at afternoon tea. But the savories were scrummy (scrumptious + yummy)! I loved every selection.

The pastries were so beautiful I didn't want to eat them. But of course I did. My favorite was the pistachio macaron. So light, but flavorful. They also had mini eclairs that made me question how they filled them since they were so tiny! Props to the pastry chef for that kind of skill!

Dress: Piperlime (Similar)
Cardigan: J Crew (Similar)
Teacup Ring: Similar

I know this is the second Chicago restaurant review I've written in a row. But I've been eating out so much this summer that I thought I should share a few highlights. I hope you enjoyed reading this Chicago dining experience! 

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Keep on loving big! Perhaps this weekend, think of a friend who may need to hear these words. Say these words to them and give them a big hug :)

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  1. That pastry selection looks delicious!! I love your tea cup ring! It is perfect for the occasion.

    Nicole to the Nines

    1. It was amazing!! Thanks so much for stopping by, Nicole! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Those pastries looked too pretty to eat :)

  3. Wow, what a beautiful assortment of beautiful pastries!

  4. This looks delicious! I love doing afternoon tea -- I just went there earlier last week for Christmas tea and am posting about it this week. When I googled the peninsula tea to do a little research for the post I was super excited to see your blog come up!! Xoxo

  5. These look so delicious! Wish we had these in my country :)

  6. It's great. You look very happy.

  7. Thanks. I have read many of your posts, it really good and interesting.

  8. I like tea, and I also like cooking for my family, thanks

  9. Wow, the food looks so good, i want to eat them

  10. The food looks great! Everyone must have an electric smoker.

  11. I like your tea cup ring. The pastry looks great! I'll be back for the next post of yours.

  12. It's a lovely post. I like to have a tee and some cakes with friends. The pastry looks tasty.

  13. It will be a wonderful time having tea time! I wish I can manage one day to meet my friend too!


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