December 6, 2013

Life Story: Friday Firsts

HAPPIEST of Fridays to you!!!

Sorry (I'm not sorry), I'll tone it down a notch. I have officially passed the 8 month mark of M3 year and it blows my mind. But really I'm most excited about my first real break I've had for a whole year! And I get a whole month of it! (Cue happy dance!)

Alright, now that that's said, I'm sharing about 5 "first times" that happened this past month or are happening this coming month.

1. First baby delivery
Not mine! Stop those rumors! I just finished my ObGyn rotation and it was one of my favorite experiences ever. We got to spend 2 weeks on the labor and delivery unit and I looked forward to every day. While some moments did scare me and make me question my desire to have my own kids in the future, it was mostly just a testament of how our wise Maker wonderfully and lovingly creates us in the womb. I loved seeing grown men cry when they heard their newborn child's first cry. It made me tear up a little bit (a lot).

2. First time sort of working with my sister at the hospital!
When we first compared our schedules we were bummed to find out we would never be on similar rotations at the same time, but it just turns out that one day on our current rotations, we were actually working on the same floor. I was in Labor & Delivery while she was in the NICU, so I delivered babies and she took care of the sick ones. Sister team work. Love her! The funniest part was when people would confuse us (more than usual). We're both Asian, we both wear glasses sometimes, and we're both wearing scrubs. Makes sense.
Who is who?
3. First time hosting my own Thanksgiving dinner
As you may know, I love hosting dinner parties, so planning this one with my friend Grace was a fun break from school. Many of our classmates were stranded for Thanksgiving since we couldn't fly home just for dinner after working Thanksgiving day and/or because we had to work the next day and weekend. (Future doc life.) So we decided to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and it was one of my favorite Thanksgivings so far! Who doesn't love spending time with friends and eating amazing homemade food?
Our delicious spread 
Photo c/o Ingrid
4. First time traveling to Hong Kong on my own
I'm so excited to satisfy my wanderlust this month. I start off by visiting my family in Hong Kong. Yup, again! Hopefully I'll get to blog about my trip again. Anything you guys would like to see?

5. First time traveling to the Middle East!
My sister finally gets a break too, so we're going on a family trip to Dubai. I am so excited for a new adventure! Not quite sure what to expect except for warmth, a desert, and a beautiful city. Oh, and modest clothing! I'll definitely be blogging this adventure for you all to experience with me.

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  1. Your Thanksgiving spread looks delish! Congrats on your first time hosting! It looks like you have some amazing travels in the near future :)

  2. The one comment I have about Dubai - yes, the city itself is beautiful, but it was built on the backs of immigrant laborers:


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