June 10, 2013

Entertaining Guide: Indoor Garden Party

I was flipping through photos reminiscing about my last-ever summer break (does anyone miss it as much as I do?) and realized I never got around to sharing about a fun little party I threw for a few of my friends. So just to bring back the good memories, I thought I'd share some fun party ideas with those of you who love hosting parties as much as I do!

To celebrate the end of the school year & the beginning of summer, I decided to throw a garden party themed potluck brunch and invited some of my classmates. My rules were the following:
  • Floral attire
  • Floral-themed food (or at least an attempt!)
Luckily, Kim, one of my good friends from my second home state who is a baker-extraordinaire & also loves to throw parties was visiting me and helped me throw this party together in no time!

I found DIY instructions on how to make your own giant paper flowers & instantly knew I had to incorporate these into my party somehow. I've always wanted to do a DIY photobooth because who doesn't love fun photobooth pictures? So I made these giant paper flowers as a fun photobooth backdrop instead of having a boring off-white wall background. I loved the whimsical look of it!

I also found free photobooth prop templates of glasses & mustaches and printed them out. Kim helped me cut them out on construction paper and stuck them to stirrer sticks. They turned out so great!
I also made medium sized versions of the flowers and attached "stems" to them with a stirrer stick. I bought $1 planters from Target, lined the insides with foil, then filled them with corn chips, mango-peach salsa (from Costco), & homemade guacamole. Then, I stuck one medium flower into each planter as if they were potted plants. They turned out super cute and doubled as table decorations!
Next came the food. Kim made delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I found cute flower-topped food picks at a nearby boutique and we used those to decorate the cupcakes. We also made a Tuna-filled Crescent Wreath which was scrumptious.
My favorite floral-themed dish made by one of my friends was a delicious & beautiful peach cake decorated like a rose. Beautiful right?
Thanks for reading!


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  2. Aww thank you so much for the sweet words! That is such a great idea for his party. Please let me know how it works out. Thanks for stopping by :)


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